Hi Visibility Jackets

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There are about 25 named manufacturers of specialist hi viz jackets in the UK.

The majority of jackets are in the price range of £10 to £60,which of course are available in many sizes some being made specifically for ladies.

It should be noted that in general vests and tabards have not been included in this summary.

Colours available are normally bright yellow or orange with or without reflective strips.Darker colours are sometimes available,these all having reflective strips.

Jackets are available which only act as just waterproofs then  additional improvements can be incorporated eg padding,insulation etc.

The higher the rate of comfort and sophistication the higher the price,the choice is yours.

Some jackets are made with a specific need in mind eg.paramedic,fire retardant and we have tried to indicate this where on the page concerned.

The manufactures have been split into 4 pages alphabetically as follows:



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